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Who we are

Compassion. Sacrifice. Endurance.
The Chinese Relief and Development Foundation was established in June 2010, as a direct outcome of voluntary work by agencies who had responded to the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. The Foundation is sponsored by the Sichuan Association for Science and Technology and is registered with the Sichuan Civil Administration Department. The Foundation's focus is improving Chinese well-being. All projects must be sustainable, people-orientated, and co-ordinated. 
CRDF is 1 of only 5 organisations in Sichuan Province that can receive public donations and has tax exemption privilege. CRDF benefits from an International Advisory Committee of Western business executives and leaders.
CRDF Vision
To engage in poverty alleviation, community development and disaster relief. 
We utilise science and technology, universal education and innovative work. 
We strive through our work to contribute to the goals of social harmony, national strength and prosperity for all.
CRDF Mission
To implement sustainable development projects that are people-orientated, and holistic with
particular emphasis on poverty alleviation; child welfare and education; community development and disaster relief.





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