Chinsese Relief Welfare & Development Foundation

Charity Fund for Rural Revitalization

This Charity Fund is to actively guide and mobilize social forces and resources to participate in rural revitalization public welfare undertakings. It consolidates the achievements of poverty alleviation, with focus on less developed areas, old revolutionary base areas, and ethnic minority areas.

The Washbasin Project Charity Fund aims to promote equitable  health services for ethnic minorities and schoolchildren in remote areas of China. The raised funds is specially used for the Washbasin Project.

Washbasin Scheme

One Meter Love Charity Fund

The purpose of the One Meter Charity Fund is to provide assistance for the education and life of children in poor areas, and to help people with serious diseases and special difficulties in Sichuan and Southwest China. Its donations are specially used for the One Meter Charity Fund support projects.

Public Welfare and Charity Funds for the Inheritance and Development of traditional culture

The purpose of the Charity Fund is to strengthen cultural confidence, flourish literary and artistic creation, promote cultural exchanges, and carry forward traditional Chinese culture.

HongXing Charity Fund

Be a good disseminator of revolutionary and socialist culture.
Tongxin charity Fund
Do a good in community cultural development and innovation.