Chinsese Relief Welfare & Development Foundation

Introduction of CRDF
CRDF structure
Advisory Committee

Introduction:The Chinese Relief & Development Foundation was established in June 2010. The registration authority is the Department of civil affairs of Sichuan Provincial.The business competent unit is Sichuan Science and Technology Association. It is a charitable organization with the qualification of public fundraising recognized by the registration management authority, National advanced social organization, and 5A social organization. It has obtained 100 points in financial transparency and information disclosure among more than 8,000 foundations in the China Foundation Center(CFC), and an A+ level in the Transparency Index (FTI)for consecutive years. On September 3, 2018, CRDF was listed on the top 30 of "China Charity Credit List" . The original fund of the foundation was 4.1 million yuan, which was donated by individuals.

Purpose: To support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, abide by national laws and regulations, implement the major principles and policies of the Party, establish socialist core values, guard against political risks, social risks, economic risks and security risks, give play to the active role of social organizations, actively carry out public welfare and charity activities, help urban and rural communities develop and govern, and serve the construction of Chengdu-Chongqing twin cities economic circle.To Promote social harmony and economic development, and contribute to the comprehensive construction of socialist modern Sichuan. To promote the people's livelihood, we are committed to assisting science and technology pop

ularization activities and projects, serving the society and other public welfare undertakings, and making our contribution to building a harmonious society.

Vision:To promote charity with lovely help and make society more civilized and healthy.

Mission: To build a beautiful future of harmony, fraternity and prosperity in unity.

Service Domain: science education popularization, industrial assistance,scientific disaster prevention, social organization incubation, small and medium-sized enterprise development, etc

Brand Projects: Science and Technology Farm, Youth and Adolescence Healthy Growth Caring Centers, Safe Drinking Water in Mountainous Areas, Dream Footprints Cleaning Kits, and other projects for young people in difficulties.

Dear Friends:

After the May 12 Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, we had to face the brutal destruction and impact, but we also experienced the love and warmth from all over the world, and deeply realized the need for everyone to participate in public welfare and charity activities. With your strong support and help, we initiated Chinese Relief& Development Foundation. Since its establishment, all the colleagues of the Foundation, adhering to the concept of "charity and innovation", have been committed to promoting science popularization education, industrial assistance, rural revitalization, social care, scientific disaster prevention, and public welfare innovation.

We strive to contribute to the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Over the years, we have witnessed the development and changes of the Foundation. Besides the basic skills of the foundation, we also adhere to the principle of openness , transparency and a welcome attitude, which has become an important guarantee for the healthy development of the foundation, and we will unswervingly adhere to it in the future.

We are particularly grateful to the tens of millions of donors who have donated to CRDF’s charity work in the past, as well as many caring enterprises and units.Thank you for expressing love through us in the past. With love, countless beneficiaries feels the warmth of our social family.Thank you for your trust and support,looking forward to the future when we renew our efforts and make more progress to philanthropy !


International Advisory Committee

Zheng YaozongHonorary       Chairman

Bryce Madsenexecutive         Chairman

Dan MccortVice                     Chairman

Mark NewtonVice                  Chairman

Martin Voegelinmember        Chairman

Ben BrownChairman

Thomas K.Linton