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Walk with Ming / To jointly build "Hand in Hand Tomorrow Emergency Relief", the foundation and Huang

What is it like to stick to one thing for 20 years?

Mr. Huang Xiaoming gave us the answer.

He said, "Charity is a habit and a lifelong career."

On November 12th, the "Walking with Ming" charity appreciation party for "Huang Xiaoming and His Friends" was held in Beijing. From paying attention to vulnerable groups such as the elderly and children, to participating in disaster relief and supporting front line rescue teams, Mr. Huang Xiaoming has persisted in doing charity for 20 years. This is another landmark node in his charity work.

In 2013, due to the 4.20 earthquake in Lushan, Ya'an, Sichuan, the Chinese Relief& Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the "CRDF") and Mr. Huang Xiaoming became involved and worked together to carry out disaster relief work. Since then, Maoxian mountain collapse, Jiuzhaigou earthquake, Yibin earthquake, Fighting Together, Henan floods, Luding earthquake, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei floods, in every disaster there have been touching scenes of the Tomorrow Foundation working side by side with the CRDF and front-line disaster relief teams. .

At this meeting, Richard Cai, Chairman of the CRDF, joined hands with Mr. Huang Xiaoming and his Tomorrow Foundation to launch the "Joining Hands for Tomorrow Emergency Rescue" public welfare project, aiming to leverage the professional advantages of scientific disaster relief and celebrity influence, and link regional core rescue teams , jointly build a joint tomorrow disaster relief and rescue system, optimize the rescue team's contact network and material distribution mechanism, strengthen the professional skills of the rescue team personnel, and carry out disaster relief and rescue work as soon as possible when encountering a disaster.

In addition, Richard Cai, chairman of the CRDF, and Huang Li, secretary-general of the Tomorrow Foundation, jointly awarded the honorary title of "Join Hand with Tomorrow - Strategic Linkage Partner" to five rescue teams that have made outstanding contributions to emergency rescue projects.

Richard Cai mentioned that "Hand in Hand for Tomorrow" means that the CRDF will join hands with Mr. Huang Xiaoming and his charity team to unite all parties to face disasters together and bring hope and warmth to the people in the disaster-stricken areas. At the same time, we will further promote the transparency of disaster relief work, guide the public to raise awareness of disaster reduction and prevention, and promote the participation of all sectors of society in disaster prevention and reduction work.

Walk with Ming, walk with love. We firmly believe that with the joint participation and efforts of all sectors of society, the "Hand in Hand Tomorrow Emergency Rescue" public welfare project will be able to provide more timely and effective assistance and support to disaster-stricken areas, and contribute to my country's disaster relief, disaster reduction, and disaster prevention work.

At the meeting, Alan Li, secretary-general of the CRDF, introduced the cooperation projects between the CRDF and the Tomorrow Foundation, and expressed his gratitude to Mr. Huang Xiaoming for his support. From donating money and materials to supporting children, teenagers, and the elderly who are in difficulty due to disasters, and starting to support epidemic prevention volunteers and professional rescue teams in 2022, Tomorrow Foundation and the CRDF have been discussing and pursuing how to more effectively put kindness into practice , so that the recipient groups can receive better and more considerate help.

As Mr. Huang Xiaoming said: "With "power", we can influence more people to do charity." Thanks to Mr. Huang Xiaoming for his concern and strong support for public welfare and charity over the past twenty years. It is his drive and influence that has attracted more people to the field of public welfare and charity and allowed more people in need to be seen.

Although it is as small as a starlight, it can form burning power through gathering, This is the power of walking together, and this is also the meaning of walking together. Walk with Ming and make charity a habit.