Chinsese Relief Welfare & Development Foundation

The Foundation went to Xuzhou District, Yibin City to carry out visits and investigations

The strategy of Rural Revitalization is an important policy of CPCC with the core leadership of President Xi Jinpin and a key action guide to rural development in new eras.

As an important infrastructure for implementing the rural revitalization strategy, water conservancy plays an irreplaceable guiding and supporting role in preventing and resisting flood disasters, improving agricultural irrigation conditions, ensuring rural drinking water safety, beautifying rural living environment, and protecting rural ecological environment.

In recent years, due to the continuous hot weather, the shortage of drinking water sources in rural areas has become a major problem. On April 25, the project team of CRDF visited Xuzhou District of Yibin City to carry out research. The team first arrived at the Jinjiang Social Work Service Center in Xuzhou District of Yibin City for project exchange. Tang Wen, executive director of the Jinjiang Social Work Center, accompanied the team to visit and introduced the basic situation of the center, party building work and public welfare brand construction in detail.

At the symposium on Technology helping rural revitalization, Ms. Yang Qiuyan, Project director of Jinjiang Social Work Center, comprehensively shared with the research team the center's five-year development history, organizational structure, expert think tank team, project implementation and school-community cooperation. The research team affirmed the development speed and effectiveness of Jinjiang Social Work Center, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the development advantages of social work of Jinjiang Social Work Center, the development ideas of combining rural revitalization and social work, and the overall operation mode of the center.

On the afternoon of the 25th, accompanied by Wang Lin, deputy mayor of Hengjiang Town people's Government, the research team went to Hengjiang Town Shicheng Mountain fairy Lake drinking water source point, Huilong community double trough reservoir, Huilong community Wa kiln group, deep into the fields to see the drought situation, detailed understanding of human and animal drinking water problems and mass production and life. The relevant person in charge of Yibin Xuzhou District Science and Technology Association, the relevant person in charge of Yibin Nanxi District Youth Volunteer Association, and the relevant person in charge of Jinjiang Social Work Center of Yibin Xuzhou District also participated in the visit and research activities. Subsequently, the foundation will work with relevant local departments to carry out scientific drought relief, alleviate local daily drinking water problems, improve the quality of life of villagers, further meet the daily drinking water needs of livestock, promote the development of household industries, and help rural revitalization.