Chinsese Relief Welfare & Development Foundation

CAI Lingyun, chairman of the Foundation, visited Bazhong Youth Science and Technology Farm

On May 17, CAI Lingyun, chairman of the Foundation, went to the Youth Science and Technology Farm in Nanjiang County, Bazhong City, and went into the fields to check the growth of fruit trees in cherry   and apple orchard, as well as the installation and operation of equipment donated by Hikvision such as pest monitoring, temperature and humidity monitoring, and pest control lights.

From May to June, it is the critical time to thin apple trees .In the apple orchard , President CAI Lingyun took scissors and carried out fruit thinning work for the apple tree with local farmers.Skills are important for thinning. Those that of poor quality, shapes or location are supposed to be removed. Only those that is hopefully to grow big and of better quality and shapes are kept. President CAI Lingyun experienced the beauty of labor with farmers together, contributing to the revitalization of rural areas with his practical action .

In addition, President CAI Lingyun and his delegation also visited several rural families around the farm, talking with them about the health of family members, children's schooling, working conditions on the farm, family income, etc., and sent rice and oil to each family. Chairman CAI Lingyun asked them to take care and encouraged them to be optimistic under the nations current supporting policy to the farmers.

The establishment of Youth Science and Technology Farm can not only produce green, healthy and delicious high-quality agricultural products for urban people, but also promote the employment of returning young people, help farmers with difficulties to work nearby, so that fellow villagers can solve the employment problem at their doorstep. In the next step, the farm will help with the promotion and sales of farm products to the southwest region.We will develop scientific and technological agriculture, drive the development of the surrounding economy, promote the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy and rural development, so as to ensure the increase of farmers' incomes.