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The Distribution Ceremony of "Sanitary Water for Mountainous Children" and "A Pair of Shoes for Moun

Lingxing Junior High School ,located in Santai County, Mianyang City, is a remote mountainous school. The local rural population being scattered and the terrain being complex, boarding system is to deal with the situation and adopt the school layout adjustment. With relatively backward school infrastructure and water facilities having not been fully laid, there is lots of inconvenience to the boarding students. The students need to walk a long way to the school, and many students shoes are worn out.Its hard to have new ones for such difficulty families.

In order to effectively solve these problems,   "Sanitary Water for Mountainous Children" and "A Pair of Shoes for Mountainous Children" project distribution ceremony was held in Lingxing Town Junior high School, Santai County, Mianyang City,on June 21. At the ceremony, CRDF together with the People's Government of Santai County, issued a drinking water equipment for the junior middle school of Lingxing Town to improve the quality of drinking water for students. And 135 pairs of shoes and socks were distributed to students to help them overcome the difficulties.Li Jihui, Secretary General of the Foundation, Bai Ming,Santai County People's Government deputy county governor, Du Chenghui,Santai County Education and Sports Bureau deputy director,Zhao Lirong,Zhigong Party Mianyang City Working Committee deputy chairman and other relevant persons participated in the activity.