Chinsese Relief Welfare & Development Foundation

The Foundation Held the Eighth (expanded) Session of the Third Council

The meeting was presided by Chairman CAI Lingyun. CAI Lingyun gave a warm welcome to the directors and supervisors of the Foundation, and briefly introduced the agenda of the board of directors, and hoped that the directors and supervisors would earnestly perform their duties, in-depth discussion and careful consideration of the agenda of the meeting, and jointly promote the development of the Foundation.

The meeting discussed the name change of CRDF.In 2020, China's poverty alleviation goals and tasks were fully accomplished as scheduled, regional poverty was solved, and the arduous task of eradicating absolute poverty was accomplished.The focus of work has historically shifted from poverty alleviation to comprehensively promoting rural revitalization.After the comprehensive victory in China's fight against poverty, the Foundation took the initiative to adapt to the new situation, new tasks and new requirements, focused on consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation and comprehensively promoting the implementation of rural revitalization projects, and made use of scientific and technological strength to help the high-quality development of public welfare in our province in the fields of science and technology education, industrial assistance, scientific disaster prevention, social organization incubation, and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.The Foundation reported to Sichuan Science and Technology Association for consent,and the name is to be changed.The constitution of the Foundation is to be adjusted in accordance with the requirements of the Model Text of the Constitution of the Foundation.

The meeting deliberated on changes in the organizational structure of the Foundation. New Compliance Development Committee was set up. Under the Secretariat is the Disaster Relief and Relief Department, which includes the disaster Relief Center and the Disaster Prevention and Prevention Education Office; The former Finance Department and Publicity center were changed to Treasury Management Department and Publicity Liaison Department.

After the present directors and supervisors voted, they agreed to the name change of CRDF, and adjusted the relevant contents of the constitution .The change of Foundation's organizational structure was voted through. The time of the ninth meeting of the third Council of the Foundation was determined.