Chinsese Relief Welfare & Development Foundation

Autumn brings warmth and affection to the hearts of the elderly—Visiting activities for the elderly

On the occasion of the Double Ninth Festival, in order to carry forward the traditional virtues of respecting and caring for the elderly of the Chinese nation, on October 16, the foundation project team went to Wusheng County, Guang'an City to hold a donation ceremony for the "Warming the Elderly in Distress in Mountainous Areas" project. At the same time, we visited the needy and lonely elderly people funded by the "Warm Mountain Area Elderly People in Distress" project.

At the donation ceremony, members of the project team had cordial conversations with the elderly one by one, paying attention to their physical condition and living conditions, and told the elderly to pay more attention to their health as the weather has been changeable and the temperature has been low recently. While sending rice and oil, the project team also prepared a condolence payment of 600 yuan for each elderly person, hoping to further help improve the lives of the elderly. The elderly are generally accustomed to a frugal life. For this reason, the project team specially prepared toiletries for the elderly, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, washing powder, hand sanitizer, etc., to help the elderly better maintain cleanliness and hygiene, and develop healthy habits. living habits.

After the donation ceremony, the project team visited the homes and inspected the living environment and conditions of the elderly. Most of the elderly are left behind or living alone. Their children go out to work and usually come back only once during the Chinese New Year. It is the rainy season in late autumn. The project team reminds the elderly to pay attention to slippery roads to avoid falling when they go out to work. The weather is getting colder and they should add more clothes in time. Every condolence payment is filled with the deep affection of Alipay’s caring users. After receiving the condolences money, Granny Wang from Shuanghe Village said movedly: "600 yuan is not a small amount for me. It can be enough for me to live alone for a long time. Thank you very much!" Thank you, Alipay caring users! Since its establishment, the Foundation has been insisting on regularly carrying out various forms of project visits, from early project research, mid-term implementation to later feedback stages, to understand the living conditions of the recipients and the implementation of the project, and to truly understand the recipients. The need to help others, through comparison before and after the project is launched, allows the public, and our donors, to see their changes. In the future, with the support of governments at all levels, the foundation will continue to enter more project areas, and send the love condensed from all walks of life to every recipient, so that more people in need can feel the help of society. The care and warmth of the extended family help you face life with a more positive and optimistic attitude.