Chinsese Relief Welfare & Development Foundation

September monthly report

99 Charity Day offline activities were carried out smoothly

In order to promote the traditional charity cultural concepts of helping those in need and being friendly and helping each other, to arouse the concern of all sectors of society, and to promote the formation of a good atmosphere in which everyone cares about charity, supports charity, and participates in charity. From September 7th to September 9th, the foundation joined forces with Tencent Charity to carry out a series of offline activities for the 2023 "99 Charity Day" at Dongsheng Plaza in Jinjiang District and Yongfeng Community Cultural Plaza in the High-tech Zone. This 99 Charity Day offline event will attract the public and participate in donations through project display, charity performances, charity advocacy, charity sales and other activities, and use offline activities to promote online fundraising, enhance citizens' understanding of charity undertakings, and allow citizens to participate to the "99 Charity Day" activities.

2 "Gentlemen's Partners·Walking with Love" donation to public welfare projects in the field of sports

At the beginning of the school year, the Foundation and ICBC Private Bank held a donation ceremony for the "Gentleman Partners·Walking with Love" public welfare project in the sports field at Liangshui Primary School in Nanjiang County, Bazhong City, to convey the spirit of sports and gather upward power. The foundation teamed up with ICBC Private Bank to donate sports equipment such as basketball stands, footballs, table tennis, badminton, skipping ropes, chess, and shuttlecocks to primary and secondary schools in Nanjiang County, Tongjiang County, Jinyang County, and Wanyuan City, with a total donation amount of 600000 yuan, of which 300,000 yuan was donated to two districts and counties in Bazhong, benefiting nearly 60 schools. We hope that through this public welfare action, we can create some conditions for the students both spiritually and materially, so that they can grow into builders of Chinese socialism in the new era and responsible for the great cause of national rejuvenation.

3. Emergency relief for floods

Since September, the Provincial Meteorological Observatory has issued yellow rainstorm warnings and thunder and lightning yellow warnings many times, and severe convective weather processes have occurred in many places in the province. The foundation continues to respond to heavy rain warnings in many places, and matches emergency supplies, daily necessities, and dredging and disinfection materials based on local feedback needs. In order to meet the needs of regional disaster relief and preparedness, on September 12, the foundation distributed 5 3kw generators, 10 pairs of rain boots, and 5 disinfection machines to Shawan District, Leshan City; it also distributed 20 3kw generators to Xuyong County, Luzhou City , 19 sets of 5kw generators, 20 sets of disinfection machines, and 20 sets of water pumps (including accessories for water pipes); on September 26, 23 sets of 3KW generators, 23 sets of 5KW generators, 40 sets of disinfection machines, and 400 sets of raincoats, 400 pairs of rain boots, and 50 flashlights are provided to meet the disaster reduction and prevention needs of frontline villages, towns, and villages.

4.A group of students in difficult situations who are building their dreams

In late August, the project team staff checked and sorted out the personal account information of 21 aided students from Bazhong, and contacted bank staff to allocate the funding. At the same time, the personal information of the students who had withdrawn their remittances from the previous batch was re-collected and a second disbursement was made. It is hoped that the funding can help the children's learning.

5.Financial Assistance Program for Distressed Students

The project team, together with local volunteers, visited some students in need in Santai County, Mianyang City. The project team learned that many children are left-behind children, and most of them live with the elderly at home. Children will help the elderly with housework within their ability. In the next step, the project team will conduct a comprehensive study and judgment on the relevant information collected based on the visit.

6. Study dream on the desk

Desks are undoubtedly an important tool in schools that accompany students in their studies. In order to allow rural students to use brand-new desks and chairs, the project team sent 76 sets of brand-new desks, chairs and 2 sets of lecture desks to the leading branch of Shengli Street Primary School in Jiangyou City, and the school distributed them to each class. Children will no longer stagger when doing homework, and at the same time, their spine and eyes can be better protected. Children will definitely cherish this gift from a caring person and use it carefully.

7. Healthy water for mountain children

In early September, the project team paid a return visit to Lingxing Town Junior Middle School in Mianyang City. At the end of get out of class, the children were lining up to fill their cups with hot water, all with bright smiles on their faces. The teacher told us that as the drinking water equipment is put into use, the children can drink hot water every day, which is very helpful for the healthy growth of the children. The teacher will also guide the children to take good care of the drinking water equipment.

8.Dream Kids Cleaning Bag

In late September, the project team and local volunteers went to Hongke Middle School in Muli County, Liangshan to distribute cleaning kits. The children were very happy to receive the cleaning bag. They opened the cleaning bag one after another and looked at the various cleaning items in the bag. They were very satisfied. The school teacher also explained how to use the items in the cleaning bag. I hope that children can develop good hygiene habits and grow up healthily.

9. Countryside children's toiletry bag

Since September, the rural children’s care kit project has distributed 449 care packages to Wuliqing Primary School in Shugu Town, Yuexi County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture and simultaneously conducted small care classes; it has distributed 492 love care packages to Xishan Primary School in Yuexi County bags, and carried out small classes on hand washing in two classes to teach children how to wash their hands correctly; distributed 543 hand washing bags to Leqingdi Township Central Primary School in Yuexi County, and carried out small classes on hand washing in three classes simultaneously .

10. Healthy Campus

On September 14, the project team went to Dagu Town Central Primary School in Naxi District and distributed 570 basic hygiene kits to school students, including stainless steel iron basins, stainless steel cups, nail clippers, washing powder, soap, medicated soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels, Shampoo and other supplies were provided, and courses such as girls’ physical hygiene courses, boys’ physical hygiene courses, dental care, children’s self-protection, science and technology courses, youth anti-drugs, and basic hygiene training were carried out. I hope that the course will bring more health knowledge to the children. I hope that after the children learn health knowledge, they can also bring health knowledge to their families and friends.

11Help smart classrooms enter village primary schools

The project team invited a teaching and research team composed of rural teachers and international school teachers to update and iterate the "Little π Information Technology Course". Based on the number of students in the school, the project team mailed learning task sheets to the school so that the school could start classes smoothly in early September.

12Technology bag for mountain kids

In early September, the project team paid a return visit to the Central Primary School of Tianxing Town, Luzhou City. There was a class taking science classes, and the children were very interested in technology packages and showed strong hands-on ability. It is hoped that the use of science and technology kits can help every child's scientific dream and inspire children's enthusiasm for science.

13. Youth Healthy Growth Center

After a summer vacation, 10 community youth healthy growth centers are still open to provide students with communication and interaction venues. In addition to daily operations, the operation staff of the center also carried out a number of activities for students, including anti-drowning knowledge lectures, anti-fraud lectures, clay craft activities, extracurricular music class activities, etc., which were deeply loved and welcomed by the students.

14. Colorful holidays for left-behind children

In late August, with the completion of the last team of the rural summer camp, this year’s project execution has been completed. A total of 54 teams and a total of 672 college student volunteers brought 14-day rural summer camp activities with the themes of reading, games, and art to 3,651 rural children. Next, the project team will conduct summary meetings and other work, and plan rural winter camps.

15. School shoes for mountain children

In early September, local volunteers visited Dahe Town Primary School in Bazhong City and learned that most of the students in the school are left-behind children. Most of them walk to and from home and school. In addition, adolescent children are very activelike sports, shoes wear out quickly. After the visit, the project team will organize and analyze the collected information. Help children grow up happily.

16. Planting to help disadvantaged households develop

In late September, farmers are looking forward to opening the bags as soon as possible so that the apples can receive sunlight and increase their color and sweetness. Due to increased rain, the picking day will also be postponed. Compared with last month, the apples have grown bigger. Farmers hope that this year's apple harvest will be good, so that their hard work over the year will be well rewarded.

17. "Hand in Hand for Tomorrow" Rescue Exchange Meeting

On August 2, the foundation continued to respond to heavy rains and floods in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and joined hands with "Hand in Hand Tomorrow" caring artists to support 12 professional rescue teams on the disaster front lines in Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province to carry out relocation of people, resettlement assistance, material supply, order maintenance, etc.

In order to further strengthen the connection between the Foundation, the "Join Hands for Tomorrow" project team and various rescue teams, summarize the situation of this rescue work, and sort out the experience of this rescue work, on the afternoon of September 27, the Foundation held the "Sichuan Science and Technology Poverty Alleviation Foundation' Join Hands Tomorrow's Rescue Exchange Meeting". In this meeting, each rescue team introduced the development history, personnel composition, radiation range, rescue advantages, etc. of their own rescue teams, and shared their implementation experience during this rescue process; the "Join Hand for Tomorrow" project team and the foundation are responsible for People put forward targeted suggestions on improving the timeliness of rescue, the rescue team information officer system and the implementation of the project progress reporting system to promote the professional level of the rescue team and enhance the rescue capability.

18.An old man in trouble in a warm mountainous area

In early September, the project team staff held a project summary meeting on the "Warming the Elderly in Distress in Mountainous Areas" project. The staff sorted out and summarized the preliminary work of the project, and discussed the difficulties and problems existing in the current work. Next, the project team plans to work with local volunteers to go to some assisted areas in stages to conduct on-site visits to the elderly and provide feedback on assistance information.

19.One-to-one warm sanitation worker

In late August, the project team staff checked and sorted out the personal account information of 17 recipient sanitation workers in Luzhou and other places, and allocated the funding. At the same time, after the personal information of the sanitation workers in the previous batch of refunds was re-collected, a second disbursement was successfully made. It is hoped that this funding can help and improve the lives of sanitation workers.

In September, the foundation and its partners actively carried out various activities. Through online linkage and offline cooperation, a total of 13 visits and surveys were carried out, and 7 public welfare activities were carried out, targeting the disabled, the elderly in need, students in need, and left-behind children. We carry out visits and condolences to disadvantaged groups in society, collect the needs of the people served by the project, and continuously improve public welfare projects.