Chinsese Relief Welfare & Development Foundation

November monthly report

On November 25th, the ninth (enlarged) meeting of the third council of the Sichuan Science and Technology Poverty Alleviation Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation") was held in Chengdu. The directors and supervisors of the foundation attended the meeting, and members of the administrative management team also attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chairman Cai Lingyun.

The meeting heard about the foundation’s party building work in 2023 and reviewed the foundation’s 2023 work report and financial report;It reviewed and discussed matters such as the foundation's provision of charitable resource docking and comprehensive charity services for charitable trusts across the province;Reviewed the additions and revisions to the foundation's relevant systems. The meeting passed the council resolution and decided on the time for the next meeting.

Cai Richard A., Chairman of the Foundation, delivered a welcome speech

Cai Lingyun, Chairman of the Foundation, expressed his sincere welcome and gratitude to all the directors and supervisors for their conscientious performance of their duties and active participation in the meeting. He also introduced the agenda of this meeting and the recent work of the Foundation:

1. In 2023, under the guidance and care of the business supervisory unit and registration management authority, and with the strong support and help of the third council, the Foundation will accurately grasp the new development stage and implement the new development concept in depth. With the goal of promoting the high-quality development of public welfare and charity in Sichuan Province, we will contribute to consolidating the results of poverty alleviation, comprehensively promoting rural revitalization, and building a socialist modern Sichuan.

2. In 2023, the foundation will promote various tasks in an orderly manner, standardize internal governance processes, and promote the professional development of public welfare and charity. The foundation has carried out exchange activities with the China Population Welfare Foundation, the China Charity Federation Social Assistance Committee, several university foundations in the province, the Guangzhou Charity Federation and other parties to jointly explore high-quality development methods for public welfare and charity. The foundation became a member of the fourth council of the Sichuan Charity Federation, and served as the co-organizer of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Civil Affairs' 2023 Internet fundraising training for Sichuan charitable organizations, providing assistance for the development of the province's public welfare industry. The Foundation joins hands with Mr. Huang Xiaoming and his Tomorrow Love Fund to jointly launch the "Joining Hands with Tomorrow Emergency Rescue" public welfare project, leveraging the Foundation's professional advantages in scientific disaster relief and celebrity influence to jointly build a national regional disaster relief, disaster reduction and prevention work system.

3. This meeting will hear a report on the foundation’s party building work, review the foundation’s work report and financial report, and discuss major matters such as additions and revisions to the foundation’s relevant systems. It is hoped that all directors and supervisors can fully discuss and review the content of each meeting, and provide opinions and suggestions on the next step of the foundation's work to promote better development of the foundation.

B.Work report

Ye Pinxu, deputy director of the Foundation's Project Department, reported on the work progress in 2023 and the work plan for 2024. The work report provides a comprehensive and detailed summary of honors received, important work, disaster relief status, financing status, project development, publicity status, etc.

C.Financial report

Hu Xiaohui, head of the Foundation's Financial Management Department, made a detailed report on the foundation's various platforms, major projects, special fund fundraising and expenditures, donation income sources and other financial situations in 2023, and answered questions raised by participants to answer.

D.Discuss and review foundation reports

The meeting discussed and reviewed the foundation’s 2023 work report and financial report, and actively affirmed the foundation’s project design, material matching, and achievements in charity and public welfare undertakings. At the same time, he also put forward very good opinions and suggestions in a targeted manner, hoping that the foundation would work hard and move forward on the road of public welfare. Foundation Secretary-General Li Jiahui reported on the development and implementation of foundation-funded projects, popular science education projects, disaster reduction and prevention projects, etc., and responded to questions raised by directors and supervisors.

E.Consider relevant matters

The meeting reviewed and approved the foundation’s work report, financial report, etc., reviewed and approved additions and revisions to the foundation’s relevant systems, and decided on the time for the next board meeting.

F.Meeting summary

Cai Lingyun, chairman of the foundation, summarized the meeting.

In the face of new tasks and requirements in various tasks, we hope that the directors and supervisors of the foundation will more actively perform their duties, actively participate in the various tasks of the foundation, and actively provide suggestions and suggestions.Improve the connection between directors, supervisors and the work of the foundation;It is hoped that with the joint efforts of all colleagues of the foundation, the work of the foundation will reach a new level, with confidence and methods to radiate the work to more beneficiaries and better play the role and role of the foundation.

At the same time, it is hoped that all staff of the foundation will keep up with the pace of the times, strengthen learning, strengthen the team's comprehensive capacity building, and promote professional development;Deepen the innovative development of projects, open up fundraising channels, provide good donor services, and contribute to the high-quality development of charity in Sichuan Province and the realization of common prosperity.