Chinsese Relief Welfare & Development Foundation

October monthly report

1. Educational aid package for orphaned and needy children

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the project team teamed up with volunteers from Pingdingshan City, Henan Province to visit some of the recipient children and brought them Mid-Autumn mooncakes and building blocks. Volunteers chatted with the children and played with building blocks. The children were very happy to receive the toys. The project team has learned from parents about the current practical difficulties of the family and the learning situation of the children, and will continue to pay attention to and help the children according to the family situation of each child.

2. Assistance Program for Distressed Students

The staff of the project team checked and sorted out the personal account information of 12 aided students in Bazhong City, and connected with bank staff to successfully allocate the funding. It is hoped that this funding can improve the current lives of the recipient students and make them feel the warmth from society. In the future, the project team will continue to promote fundraising and implementation work, and prepare to conduct return visits to further understand the situation of aided students and the use of bursaries.

3. College dream for poor students

The project team allocated scholarships to 50 needy students in Huidong County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture through blockchain. At the same time, the project team teamed up with local volunteers to visit some of the funded students to learn about the students' study and living conditions. Students who received the funding used the funding to purchase study materials and living allowances. The recipient students all said they would study hard to repay this love.

4. Healthy water for mountain children

On October 10, the project team visited Macheng Central School in Luzhou City. The school is a rural primary school with 908 students, including 369 left-behind students;Due to the high geographical location of the school, the daily drinking water of teachers and students needs to be pressurized twice, and the water body often becomes turbid. It is hoped that a set of safe drinking water equipment can improve the quality of daily drinking water of teachers and students. In the next step, the project team will study and judge the school’s needs.

5. Healthy class for bud girls

In late October, the project team visited some township schools in Pingchang County, Bazhong City, learned about the specific conditions of local schools, and made detailed records. At present, the project team has inventoried the relevant distribution materials and sent them to the project-aided schools in Pingchang County. In November, the project team will go to the aided schools to implement the project.

6. Help smart classrooms enter village primary schools

After the school where the project is implemented starts, the "Little π Information Technology Course" will also start in the fall semester. The project team provides teaching videos so that children can learn relevant knowledge points from the video teaching. The children also gradually mastered the skills of using tablets to take photos and process photos, and took creative photos. At the same time, the children's teamwork skills were also exercised.

7. Technology bag for mountain kids

In late October, the Mountain Children’s Science and Technology Package Project Team distributed 200 love technology packages to students at Lueping Primary School in Deyang City to help cultivate children’s science and technology dreams. The children were very interested in and very happy with the items in the technology bag. Under the guidance of the teacher, the children personally conducted experiments on scales and levers, and experienced the fun that technology brings to them.

8. Butuo County Women’s Football Team Glimmer Operation

The project team launched the second study tour and led 40 Butuo women's football players to Southwest Jiaotong University for a variety of cultural and sports exchange activities. The "Glimmer Girls" also had a friendly match with the Jiaotong University staff team and the women's football team. They ran and competed on the green field, communicated and encouraged each other, and showed off the heroic appearance of football players. As more and more universities pay attention to and support "Operation Glimmer", the radiation of "Glimmer" energy will definitely become more widespread.

9. Xiaomi Big Love Left-behind Children

The project team carried out theme painting activities at the Social Work Station of Zhongshan Town, Hongya County, Meishan City, and spent a pleasant time with the children. Painting activities include self-portraits, houses, trees, people, etc.

Through self-portrait activities, students can develop a deeper understanding of themselves, further improve their self-awareness, express themselves, appreciate themselves, and at the same time promote understanding and connection with their partners in the process of sharing. Through the House Tree Man activity, students’ understanding of their family, self-growth and current state was effectively understood. At the same time, under the guidance of volunteers, it triggered students’ reflection and provided motivation for change.

10. Hongyi Youth Life Education Class

On October 27, the project team met to discuss the work plan and arrangements for visiting schools and students. Based on the previous camp activities and volunteer feedback, the project team initially determined the cooperative school visit plan and made a division of labor arrangements;At the same time, in order to learn more about the situation of the assisted students, the project team also discussed and arranged the follow-up student visit plan.

11. An old man in trouble in a warm mountainous area

In early October, the project team and local volunteers visited some elderly people in need in Wusheng County, Guang'an City. The project team prepared a condolence payment of 600 yuan for each elderly person, and also sent daily necessities such as rice and oil, as well as toiletries such as toothpaste and toothbrushes. As it is the rainy season in late autumn, the project team reminds the elderly to pay attention to slippery roads when going out to avoid falling; as the weather gets colder, they should add more clothes in time.

12. One-to-one warm sanitation worker

The project team staff, together with local volunteers, visited Dingshan Town, Yushan Town and other towns in Bazhong City, where they interviewed local sanitation workers and learned about their living and working conditions. In the next step, the project team will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the collected information, determine the funding list, and collect personal application and bank account information, hoping to help sanitation workers in distress.

13. Planting to help disadvantaged households develop

In mid-October, the project team invited and accompanied Swiss experts to visit the farm, summarize the past work of the farm and make suggestions for next-step management. In late October, apple picking at the Science and Technology Farm began. Due to the weather, the picking season was delayed this year compared to last year. Farmers hope that this year's apple harvest will be good, so that their income will be higher than in previous years.

In October, the foundation and its partners actively carried out various activities, and carried out a total of 16 visits and surveys and 13 charity activities through online linkage and offline cooperation.Carry out visits and condolences to socially vulnerable groups such as the disabled, the elderly in need, students in need, left-behind children, etc., collect the needs of the people served by the project, and continuously improve public welfare projects.